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Professional Focus
I specialize in Information Technology & General Management, attending clients from a wide variety of industries (traditional and high-tech). Work consists primarily of business development, strategic analysis and planning, IT systems and software development, and product / project management. I serve Boards of Directors and Senior Management.

As a consultant, I constantly work with and manage teams utilizing diverse technologies. That said, the primary focus of my own personal technical effort over the past year has largely been concentrated on High Performance Computing, especially IA-64 (Intel Itanium2 machines, featuring multiple processors). It is truly remarkable what these machines can do. We are specifically targeting the platform for back-end computing on our 'RH Manager' product line.

Effective Management Attention, summarized on my Solutions Page is key to any value proposition that I offer to clients. This very exciting area of practice and study requires a 'Generalist' skill set in addition to any specialized or functional role (e.g. IT Consultant), and targets application of effective Performance Measurement and Control Systems for Implementing Corporate Strategy.
Professional Endorsements
"Ray knows more about the theory, practice and application of software to making businesses run better than anyone I know."
 - Ken Winans (Director of Product Engineering and Validation, iCAD)
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"His knowledge and expertise have helped me tremendously and allowed me to grow my business in ways I would have never thought possible."
 - Peter Pullara (CEO, Urban Horticulture Services, Inc.)
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"I have never seen anyone else work so hard to learn professional skills, or spend so much personal time and money to do it. I routinely rely on Ray’s advice on the most difficult systems architecture issues."
 - Brian Fielding (World Class Software Architect, at large)
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"Ray’s greatest strength is his ability to think strategically. He practices and champions high ethical standards; and has fought to protect the company's future. Ray never blames anyone else for a problem, but solves it then educates the associate. Ray never misses a deadline or commitment; he particularly excels at getting the job done. He is a capable leader; superior dedication, superb motivation and exemplary integrity."
 - excerpted from Official Capital One Performance Appraisal
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"Terific job; a positive and upbeat influence on the rest of the team; not only made our clients happy, but made the rest of the team look good and feel good; a wonderful can do attitude."
 - Elaine Boone (Project Manager, DSG)
Personal Interests
Those who want to know more about me will find music in my past. After studying music composition in college, I went on to work for many years as a professional musician. By the '90s, I had largely retired from public performance. Now, after years of neglect, I occasionally pick up the guitar again. And one thing is clear; I need to catch up on my practice sessions. Make that two things, don't give up my day job.

Playing Jazz Guitar
The great Andy Roemer and I rehearsing a few tunes before a gig back in the '80s. Andy was a musician's musician - intensely respected by the industry's top jazz artists.
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My Agenda is to Ensure Your Success
If you want to build a great company, I want to help. You will note that I am headquartered in Florida—about which I have no complaints. However, I am intensely committed to the success of our clients regardless of location. Opportunities to serve, even those requiring extensive travel, are always given liberal consideration.
     Ray Heath
     2247 Curlew Ave.
     Dunedin, FL 34698-9522
     ( 727 ) 799.9908
A Note Regarding E-Mail
I get a substantial number of spam e-mails. A Bayesian filter puts most of these in a 'Junk' folder. Occasionally however, legitimate correspondence that really should reach me gets forwarded to that folder. While I check these items before deleting, there is a chance your message may be missed. This happens only rarely, but it does happen. Any e-mails with the string "[rayheath]" in the subject line are currently allowed to bypass the filter (the square brackets should be included).* Aside from requesting that you not add my email address to bulk mailing lists, I am certainly glad to hear from you personally—and welcome contact via e-mail. Here are some examples:
    You wish to commission my help with your business, products or projects
    Inquiries about consulting, speaking engagements, conference proposals, interviews and article ideas
    Questions about our products and services
    Site suggestions, or feedback about my weblog
    You sell some product or service that you would like me or my clients to consider
    Long lost friends who somehow found me on the Internet of all places
* Note: This override of the spam filter will be enabled only so long as it proves effective.
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