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Executive Consultant: Software Development, Videography, Photography, Cinematic FX.

Imagine your brand with more dimension, velocity and light

Done right, that's what great software and modern media deliver!

Hello. I'm Ray Heath, CEO and Founding Principal of Intanginite - a creative agency with deep expertise in development of complex software systems and cinematic content creation.

In addition to our creative project work, I help - sometimes stand in for - executives who want assistance from seasoned experts in matters involving business strategy, software development or modern media.

So, here is some good news about your software and media objectives:

I can help you.

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Ray Heath: infecious positive energy, and relaxed open manners.

Unmatched Value | Freedom | Peace of Mind | Results from Day One!

What people are saying

Unparalleled Trustworthiness

During the course of my career, I have developed a network of highly skilled technical individuals (Ray among them). During the more than a decade that Ray has worked with me he has consistently demonstrated two invaluable characteristics: an excellent ability to interact with executives; and an unparalleled level of trustworthiness. When I have a situation that I can only trust myself to handle, but I am unable to do so, I call on Ray.

Ken Miller

Ken Miller
President, Miller Scientific LLC

Value Every Time

Ray brings value of the really valuable kind few know how to seek, and delivers "Aha!" moments where everyone else offers only excuses. Every time.

Bob Calco

Bob Calco
Chief Architect, Apex Data Solutions

Knows More

Ray knows more about the theory, practice and application of software to making businesses run better than anyone I know.

Ken Winans
Director of Product Engineering and Validation, iCAD

I have never seen anyone else work so hard to learn professional skills, or spend so much personal time and money to do it. I routinely rely on Ray’s advice on the most difficult systems architecture issues.

Brian Fielding
World Class Software Architect

Thinks Strategically

Ray's greatest strength is his ability to think strategically. He practices and champions high ethical standards. Ray never blames anyone else for a problem, but solves it then educates the associate. Ray never misses a deadline or commitment; he particularly excels at getting the job done. He is a capable leader; superior dedication, superb motivation and exemplary integrity.

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