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I’m usually brought in to solve difficult problems where the way forward is unclear - leading researchers, developers and project managers in ground-breaking efforts from strategic analysis and feasibility studies to implementation and training. As a long-time consultant with tech-savvy insight & business-savvy instincts, I understand looking beyond tactical goals to support strategic priorities - highly disciplined about process, but not trapped by it.
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Most of the work I do is performed under non-disclosure agreements, and my client’s intellectual property and non-disclosure conditions are carefully protected. Ray Heath, LLC is covered by General Liability as well as E&O Insurance. I keep a current Visual Studio/MSDN Ultimate subscription, Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection, VMware Workstation, powerful dev/test machines, professional high-definition video equipment, and a vast number of diverse resources - which means you don’t have to invest additional dollars or effort to get me running.
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Video Production Services
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A few years ago, I began to make heavy investments in professional high-definition video equipment. The initial impetus came from a set of advanced software developer training courses I was commissioned to create. Moreover as a senior software architect, I personally invest a staggering amount of effort in learning and maintaining technical skills - and this I’ve been doing for many years, so I understand the pain. With its powerful mix of imagery and sound, high-quality video can reduce time-to-insight and leave an indelible impression of critical detail that would otherwise be totally lost or forgotten.

In addition to more traditional techical development, Ray Heath, LLC provides high-definition video production services to clients. Please contact me for help with your needs. Here is a list of some of the relevant equipment:

  • Video Hardware
    • Sony HRD-Z5U video camera (including MHVR-MRC1 compact flash recording unit)
    • Sachtler DV 10 SB Fluid Head
    • Glidecam 4000
  • Audio Hardware
    • Schoeps CCM 41 supercardioid compact microphone
    • AVID mBox Pro audio interface
    • Yamaha Tyros4 Arranger Workstation (for background/bumper music and sound effects)
  • Lighting
    • Litepanels 1x1 Bi-Color 4-Light Variable Color Temperature LED Flood Kit
    • Litepanels Ringlite Cinema
    • Litepanels MiniPlus 5600K Daylight Spot Kit
  • Special Effects
    • Matthews 20’x20’ Blue/Green Digital Screen
  • Computer Workstations
    • Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation (i7-2960 Extreme Quad Core processor, 32GB RAM, & RAID0 SATA3 SSDs)
    • NVIDIA Tesla C2075
    • Multiple Large external USB3 disks
  • Graphics/Image/Video/Audio Software
    • Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection
    • AVID Pro Tools 9
Going to the Cloud
Monday, January 9, 2012

There is often an Internet component to projects I implement for corporate clients, but my own website was designed around the turn of the century - and I’ve rarely touched it since. A New Year’s resolution has been made to address this: I am currently moving this site to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Additional work is planned to implement a more up-to-date representation with more modern technologies (e.g., MVC Razor, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, RESTful URLs, etc.) as I have the time.


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